The   “Committee   for   the   Historical   Study   of   the   battle   of   Waterloo”   also   known   as   the   Waterloo   Committee   was founded   in   1973   as   an   initiative   of   the   Duke   of   Wellington,   Prince   of   Waterloo   The   following   year,   under   the Presidency   of   Count   Jean-Charles   Snoy   et   d'Oppuers,   negotiator   and   signatory   to   the   Treaty   of   Rome,   it   was established as a charitable association under Belgian law. The   Waterloo   Committee   has   been   organised,   since   its   creation,   by   eminent   historians   of   the   1815   campaign and   the   Napoleonic   period.   Historians   such   as   the   late   Henri   Bernard,   Jacques-Henri   Pirenne   and   Jacques Logie   (who   was   president   of   the   Waterloo   Committee   between   2000   and   2007)   were   succeeded   notably   by Philippe   de   Callatäy   and   Philippe   de   Meulenaere.   Philippe   de   Callatäy   is   also   part   of   the   International   Scientific Committee   set   up   to   supervise   the   renovation   of   the   site   of   the   battle   of   Waterloo   and,   with   the   bicentenary   of the battle in 2015, the construction of a new Memorial for visitors. Administrative council   The   Waterloo   Committee   has   a   Board   of   Directors   composed   of   fourteen   members   democratically   elected   by   a general   assembly.   The   President   of   the   Board   of   Directors   is   currently   Baron   Bernard   Snoy,   son   of   Count   Snoy et d'Oppuers, who has himself represented Belgium in several international institutions. Président : Baron Bernard Snoy   Secretary : Mr Roland Dierckx de Casterlé Treasurer : Mr Léopold de Callataÿ Administrators :  Countess Poznan Sorgo  Mrs Collinet  Count Serge de Meeûs d'Argenteuil  Mr Philippe de Meulenaere  Pr Jean-Michel Sterkendries  Mr Jean Thiriar  Mr Michael Mitchell  Baron Yves van Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel  Mr Roger Gerkens  Mr Marc Nieuwenhuys  Mr Alain Dambremez  
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The Waterloo Committee
A.S.B.L Comité pour les études historiques de la bataille de Waterloo